Commercial Holiday Lighting Installation

Holidays are the busiest time of year for most businesses. Light Co can help you with your lighting displays and decorations so that you can focus on running your business and doign what is important.

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Commercial Holiday Lighting Experts

We are used to working in busy commercial environments. So we know how to help you get set up without disrupting your business. Commercial holiday lighting can help maximize the attention to your business and bring in more customers. Let us increase the visibility of your building and increase your sales while working within your budget. From design and set up to removal, Light Co does it all for your shopping center, restaurant, hotel, strip mall, office, and more. 

Free Quote on Holiday Lighting
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Holiday Lights For Your Business

Our design experts will come to you and go over what you have in mind. Cultivating the perfect display for your business and give you a free holiday or event lighting estimate. We use commercial grade equipment so your display is SAFE for everyone around. 

We also provide any maintenance you need. If throughout the season you see a burned out light or strand, we will come to you to replace it and make any adjustments required. 

When it is all over, Light Co will remove your light display and store it in our own storage fascility. This leaves your business clutter free and ready for the next upcoming season. See why so many business owners choose Light Co for their holiday lighting needs. 

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